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Sharpie pen: Yngwie Malmsteen signature series

Yngwie Malmsteen has his own line of Sharpie! pens… Because when you see a lean, small pen, you’re thinking Yngwie Malmsteen, right? I would understand a double cheeseburger being named after him, or a beach ball. But a pen? Pretty weird choice.

Here’s what some guy who works for Sharpie said:

It was fantastic to meet one of the greatest guitar players of all time and talk about music and several of our common interests. It was also an honor to present Yngwie with his own personalized Sharpies. It means a lot that he chooses our markers to sign autographs. He’s definitely made an indelible mark on music, and in some small way, we hope Sharpie has helped him make a lasting impressions with his fans.”

Read full article here.

A photo of the pen after the jump. Hell, I’d buy one, for all the shit I talk about signature series, I sure buy a lot of them. [/hypocrite]


Metalheadlines: Boring Tuesday edition

We’ve had a lot of news today, but make no mistake about it, it’s still been a shit day. So enjoy these boring headlines as there’s not much else to post right now.

Machine Head‘s Robb Flynn (pictured above) says he doesn’t time songs when he’s writing them with his band. They’re just going off the vibe. He also calls Metallica their masters.

Anthrax‘s Worship Music album has a track list, at least according to Amazon.com. Don’t forget, they also have an album cover and a release date.

Meshuggah should buy me a new keyboard, because their names are a fucking mess. Guitarist Mårten Hagström (what?) talked to some Romanian chick about their upcoming album. I didn’t really read the interview, and neither should you.

This Is Hell have entered the studio for a new album. According to their vocalist, ‘they can’t wait’ — Neither can I. I want the record out as soon as possible, because I want to stop wanting to avoid music sites in fear of having to listen to it.

Yngwie Malmsteen has such an ego, he makes Dave Mustaine look like Gandhi. Apparently he’s touring North America now, so you can check out the dates right here. Problem is, I don’t know if those are concert dates, or just McDonald’s restaurants Yngwie plans to eat at.

Phil Labonte of All That Remains is auctioning his shoes. Now, I don’t want to be mean, cause this is for charity, but who the hell would pay a few hundred bucks for used footwear? If you can answer that question, then go here and start bidding.

Rob Zombie says he doesn’t really think of music when he’s not working on it. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think of music, ever, and he has 4 studio albums that stand behind that statement.

That’s it for now, join us next time for more boring fucking headlines.

[Photo credit: Gibson.com]


Yngwie likes Guitar Hero

Yngwie Malmsteen loves Guitar Hero and Rock Band… In fact, those games made him pick up the guitar in the first place, as he points out in this interview with “Invisible Oranges”

Invisible Oranges: What do you think of video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band?

Yngwie: Well, I was originally very skeptical. But it actually turned out to be a great thing because it introduced kids to rock and guitar. Guitar was kind of dead in the ’90s. It’s not a bad thing. It actually turned out to be a really good thing.

Read full interview here.

Okay, so he didn’t pick up the guitar because of the games, I was making stuff up exaggerating for the sake of journalism. Newspapers do it all the time, so why can’t I? We make fun of these games but we do agree that they brought ‘guitar playing’ to the masses, so that’s definitely a good thing. I never expected Yngwie to approve of them, by the way. I thought the only things he liked were lasagnas and real guitars.

You live and learn I guess, huh?


Yngwie is modest

Yngwie Malmsteen loves himself. He acknowledges he’s a guitar God, but he’s so great that he tops his godliness every time, cause he just keeps evolving, he’s that amazing.

I picked up the guitar 40 years ago. One would think, “Enough is enough, why would he top himself?” or whatever, but I really did. I wasn’t necessarily saying, “I’m going to top everything think that I have done.” It was more of a burning passion. It’s weird; I don’t understand it. I just pick up a guitar, and it’s a fire. That’s why I call the album “Relentless”, because I can’t do anything half-assed; I just can’t. It has to be full-out or nothing, more is more. said Yngwie while staring at a painting of himself.

Read full interview here.

You gotta give it to him though, it takes a confident man to wear leather pants while overweight and middle-aged. Kudos.

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