Spotlight: Rudra, The Lost Broadcast

The people are waiting. The audience wants you to tear up the stage. Spotlight on for two bands who contacted us via the ‘Your Band’ form. Make the jump to see what I make of Rudra’s and The Lost Broadcast’s latest releases.

Rudra – Brahmavidya: Immortal I

Rudra released their sixth album ‘Brahmavidya: Immortal I’ earlier this month and what a release this is. I can’t say that I’m that big into Black Metal, safe for a couple of notable exceptions, but this released left me wanting more. Whether you want to call it Black Metal or Blackened Death Metal, doesn’t really matter because this album rips. Haunting melodies, evil-as-fuck vocals, great solos, get this album!


The Lost Broadcast – Antennae

Do you like Cult of Luna? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ as it should be, then you should check out The Lost Broadcast. This band is what I want Cult of Luna to be: heavier and at times more melodic. Great melodies: check, death growls: check, orgasm: check. ‘Antennae’ is a release you can listen to online for free here. You definitely won’t be disappointed. I recommend ‘Hypoxia’ for a start, the ending is just mindblowingly awesome.


So The Lost Broadcast are the first band, covered in the Spotlight category, to get a 5-skull rating. Do you want your band to crack the 5-skull mark aswell? Contact us here.

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