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Spotlight Reloaded: Best Of

As you probably noticed, I used to post a Spotlight review article every Monday for 8 editions. You can find them all here. Now, I’ve put the Spotlight reviews to death a while ago but that doesn’t mean that we won’t write about rather unknown bands anymore. You can still contact us and we’ll listen to your stuff. I just didn’t feel like short reviews like that do the bands/albums justice, so we’re going to review them as we do with more known bands/albums from now on aswell. Just seems more fair to me.

Now, there were some pretty awesome albums part of those reviews though, so I’d like to present you the best of Spotlight. Here are the three bands that got the most favorable reviews out of me:

1. Rival Sons – Rival Sons EP

Spotlight ReviewMySpaceFacebook

2. The Lost Broadcast – Antennae

Spotlight ReviewMySpaceFacebook

3. Titans Eve – The Divine Equal

Spotlight ReviewMySpaceFacebook

Check them out because they’re all killer. And don’t forget to get in contact with us if you’re in a band and would like us to review your work.


Spotlight: Rudra, The Lost Broadcast

The people are waiting. The audience wants you to tear up the stage. Spotlight on for two bands who contacted us via the ‘Your Band’ form. Make the jump to see what I make of Rudra’s and The Lost Broadcast’s latest releases.

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