Friday Top 10: Metal breakdowns

Nowadays it’s fairly difficult to view breakdowns in a good light. As Metal has developed in the 21st century, the divergence of Hardcore influences into Metal has grown, and with it, has brought a whole heap of clichés that have disgusted a major section of the Metal community. One of those overused clichés is the breakdown. How many Metal bands these days rely purely on breakdowns in order to create “heavy” music? Way too many. Some bands are so shit, they don’t even bother writing songs. They just write 3 minutes of breakdowns and then call that a song *cough* Emmure *cough*

It wasn’t always like that though. There was once a time when Metal had some awesome breakdowns, and in fact, some bands still write some brilliant breakdowns. Whether they be epic instrumental passages, or those awesome thrashy breakdowns, some of the best Breakdowns can be found in this week’s Top 10 Friday. So forget those shitty Deathcore/Metalcore bands, and instead why not check out my list after the jump. Does the above image mean Megadeth may get a mention? There’s only one way to find out…

#10 Bloodbath – Eaten

First up in my awesome list (sorry, I like blowing my own trumpet. By which I mean I enjoy blowing myself.) is Bloodbath‘s brutal Eaten. I love this track, mostly because it’s about eating. I can’t stop eating personally. Burgers, chips, steaks, penises… Erm forget that last one. I can also really identify with the lyrics. The opening words pierce through the speakers; “I’ve had one desire since I was born, to see my body ripped and torn.” I have also had a similar desire since I was born, although mine is to lose my virginity.

Eaten is a fantastic slab of Death Metal brilliance. Just listen to the breakdowns, especially the instrumental passages at 2:33 onwards. You won’t regret it.

#9 Between The Buried And Me –  Selkies: The Endless Obsession

At number 9 we have the brilliant Between The Buried And Me. They may be named from the lyrics of a Counting Crows song, and begin this track with a synth introduction that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Lady Gaga song, but that doesn’t make them any less Metal than the other artists in this list. BTBAM are just Prog and experimental as fuck. They shift time signatures like it’s going out of fashion, in very much the same way I masturbate like it’s going out of fashion, and at being almost 23 now, I guess it is kind of going out of fashion for my age.

What I love about this band so much, is their competency and talent as song writers. Just check out how the track shifts seamlessly from a brutal Metal track into a beautiful instrumental breakdown at about 3:45 in. Luscious piano parts come into play and the vocals alter into solemn clean singing. And then it all gets a bit jazzy. Brilliant.

#8 Machine Head – Imperium

Machine [fucking] Head! After a pretty disgusting and degrading affair with the Nu-Metal fad, Machine Head could not have come back with a better song. The drums pound away as the riffs rip through your fucking ears. If this song doesn’t give you a huge adrenaline rush, then I don’t know what will. There are two things that give me that rush; this song and my shemale collection.

An epic breakdown begins just before the 3 minute mark, and then comes the epic part. Then follows the final breakdown and end to one of Machine Head‘s finest pieces of work. Now get your middle fingers raised. I know mine is. But that’s just because I’ve finished scratching my bum and sniffing my finger. And hey, if you think that’s weird, well just fuck you and your prejudice.

#7 Megadeth – Peace Sells

Porn sells, but who’s buying? Well me. Actually, no I’m not, Google has it free. That’s a good question by the way, does anyone still buy porn now that it’s so easily found free? Now I think about it though, I’ve actually misread that title. It says Peace Sells. Well I guess Peace does sell.

This track doesn’t exactly sell peace, but it does sell one of the finest Metal breakdowns ever. Dave Mustaine these days may resemble my gran when she first gets up in the morning, but let us not forget that he helped form two of the greatest Metal bands of all times. Although Megadeth have never really found the fame Metallica has, but then they also didn’t release St Anger, so who’s the real loser here? Well me, because I’m writing this from my mom’s basement, but what can I do?

#6 Black Sabbath – War Pigs

Next up, we have Black Sabbath, so do you know what that means? It means Dose of Metal is going high-brow. We couldn’t possibly cover a legendary band such as the Sabbath, and make immature jokes about me initially liking this song, because I thought it was about bestiality. Of course I didn’t think that any way… *ahem*

War Pigs may be 41 years old, but that doesn’t mean it rocks any less. The song is full of fantastic vocals (remember when Ozzy could actually, like sing? Or walk? Or talk? Or do anything that requires being alive?), amazing riffs and the overall songwriting is top notch. Listen from about 5:40 onwards to hear the track breakdown into one of the best segments of the song.

#5 Opeth – Black Rose Immortal

Before I get onto the subject of breakdowns, I just have to give a huge thank-you to the guy who uploaded this song in full. I was thinking that a 20 minute track may just be a little bit impossible to find on Youtube. It wasn’t though thanks to this awesome uploader.

Opeth are one of my favorite bands ever. I grew up on a lot of Prog rock, but Opeth were the band that really introduced me to Prog Metal. Okay, so they might not be as Prog and experimental as Linkin Park‘s latest masterpiece (I kid of course), but they still rank fairly highly on my list.

Black Rose Immortal is absolutely brilliant and I suggest you listen to the track in full. I know it’s 20 whole minutes, but if I can tear myself away from American Idol for 20 minutes to give this a listen, then you can also check it out. The instrumental acoustic sections and badass breakdowns are just phenomenal on this track.

#4 Amon Amarth – An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm

If you’re a regular reader of Dose of Metal you should know just how God damn amazing Amon Amarth are. Basically if you don’t like Amon Amarth, you don’t like Metal, and it really is that simple. Yes, that’s right, they’re even more significant to Metal than Linkin Park. Lulz joke, of course they’re not as significant as Linkin Park (no, seriously, I’m joking of course).

An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm remains one of the band’s greatest songs to this date and if you listen to the awesome breakdown that kicks in at about 3:30, it’s easy to see why.

#3 Pantera – Floods

This list just wouldn’t be complete without the legends of Metal that are Pantera would it? The Great Southern Trendkill may not be my favorite Pantera album, but Floods is one of my favorite songs by the band. It is also home to possibly some of Dimebag’s greatest solos ever. Both solos bring tears to my eyes, which I definitely don’t use as lubrication to wank with. But now isn’t the time for such immature jokes as that, because one of the greatest musicians that ever lived played on this track and now is the time to show some respect.

The man may be greatly missed, but he’ll never be forgotten. So people, please drink a beer on me (I won’t be paying though) and listen to the fantastic breakdowns and beautiful solos present on this track. Floods is truly one of the greatest Metal tracks of all time.

#2 Metallica – One

Yeah I know these days that Metallica are more Pop than Linkin Park (actually, didn’t they tour together once? Lulz), but there was once a time when barely any band could match the Metal brilliance of Metallica. Back in the mid-80’s ‘tallica were at their absolute best, and in that time they released a little song called One.

First thing you might notice upon pressing play, is the quality is absolutely awful. Not to worry though, all Metallica songs sound like that. Well apart from St Anger which was recorded with trash cans and Death Magnetic, which was purposely clipped for the sake of winning the loudness war. They both sound beyond awful.

Do yourself a favor, ignore the stupid pretentious talking parts (what is this, Linkin Park‘s ridiculous new album or one of the greatest Metal tracks ever?) and listen to the epic breakdown which comes in from about roughly 3:50 onwards. The way how it gradually progresses into the breakdown is nothing short of brilliant.

#1 Pantera – Domination

And here we are; at number one with the greatest Metal breakdown of all time. Well, you probably won’t agree, but who’s writing this? Yep, that’s right, me.

So I’ve already had Pantera once in this list, and guess what, yeah I’m going to have them again. They’re only the best damn Metal band ever, so it makes sense to have them in twice right? Listen to the breakdown at about 3:45 onwards and tell me that doesn’t immediately make you jizz your pants? Yeah thought not. And that solo is absolutely Godly too. Domination is a beast of a song, that beats the shit out of your ears from start to finish. A bit like my girlfriend. Definitely worthy of the number one spot.

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