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Pitch Black Records is a metal label that originate from Cyprus. They were really kind enough to mail me albums to review for the site. Pitch Black Records are a fairy new label (formed in 2007), so currently they have signed traditional/epic/power metal bands.  However, they are also very open minded to other genres, including death metal, rock, doom, hardcore, electronic, etc.

Anyway, if you’re interested to see what I say about the latest albums from Silent Fall and Emerald Sun, then make the jump!

Emerald SunRegeneration

1. We Won’t Fall – 04:09
2. Theater of Pain – 04:41
3. Where Angels Fly – 03:42
4. Regeneration – 01:50
5. Starchild – 04:58
6. Speak of the Devil – 04:50
7. Planet Metal – 04:36
8. Chasing the Wind – 04:16
9. Fantasmagoria – 12:25

Out of the albums I’m reviewing, this is easily the speediest and heaviest of the bunch. ‘We Won’t Fall’ is the perfect opener. It’s straight up an in-your-face, kicking-you-in-the-balls type of track. It’s got the sing along vibe to it, which to me is very important when it comes to this style of music (in thrash metal and melodic death metal, it doesn’t really work for me).

As far as the individual songs go, the second track, ‘Theater of Pain,’ is probably my favorite on the album. It has Gamma Ray worship all over it — very energetic and the chorus is extremely catchy. ‘Planet Metal’ is a killer tune, possibly the next best song on the disc.  No question in my mind, it would go well in a mosh pit. ‘Chasing The Wind’ is the only song on the album where it’s time to mellow out (kind of predicable for a power metal band to have at least 1, maybe 2 songs like this).

Overall, if you like your metal speedy, with sing along choruses, a lot of galloping and impressive guitar solos, then this is for you. Metal fans that prefer 80s stuff will probably enjoy this more than anyone.  A very solid metal album

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Silent FallOtherwise

1. Who Is the Fool? – 04:35
2. Kill for Life – 05:33
3. Haunted Sights – 05:19
4. Forever and Ever – 03:18
5. One Cold Winter Night – 03:30
6. I Wish – 05:55
7. Play with Fire – 04:43
8. World of Secrets – 05:45
9. This Could Have Been – 04:24
10. Tears of Fate – 05:03
11. On the Top of the World – 7:39

I came across Silent Fall on Twitter, from their lead vocalist Adrien Eyraud. Otherwise provides you with a bit of variety here. The album flows very nicely —  slow to fast and mid tempo. You have fast songs like ‘Kill For Life’ and ‘Play With Fire’ and then more mid tempo ones like the single ‘Who Is The Fool?’ and my personal favorite ‘World Of Secrets.’

Two things I found that really stand out on this album here: First is the keyboard. I think they add a lot to the melodies and definitely gives the songs a fresh sound.  To me, the keyboard/piano are highly underrated in metal. I know, it’s geeky to play as a kid, but in my humble opinion, it enhances a band’s sound and makes the songs more interesting to me as a listener. Second would be the vocalist, Adrien Eyraud. His strong accent is a little bit unique and it pays off… What I love about his style is that he manages to put a lot of emotion in his voice. Adrien definitely resembles Khan (former Kamelot vocalist) a tiny bit and I would not be surprised if Kamelot offered him a contract (not suggesting he should leave Silent Fall, just pointing out he is talented enough). With the exception of the boring and sappy ‘This could have been,’ Otherwise is fantastic and could have potentially entered my top 5 of 2010. Otherwise is a very strong debut from Silent Fall, as I am highly anticipating their sophomore release. Even though they are influenced by older bands, Silent Fall end up sounding fresh and updated for the power metal genre. Listening to Silent Fall reminds me what power metal should sound like in 2011.

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In some ways, I’m a little ticked at Pitch Black Records! Why you ask? It has to do with giving me good albums. I was honestly hoping one of the albums would have been at least mediocre, but that wasn’t quite the case. On a serious note, it’s obvious they’re dedicated to signing bands that write quality songs, so you got to give big props to them for that!

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