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Trivium go acoustic again

Trivium go acoustic again, and they want you to hear them do an acoustic rendition of their ‘Built To Fall’ song, so I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna embed it here and force you to do so.

The original song has a video which has been released a few days ago, and you can read my amazing comments on it right here. You can also read Mark’s review of their latest album here. We’ve covered this band more than we should have, apparently.

Anyway, my opinion on this acoustic song is: I have no opinion, cause I haven’t listened to it.

But hey, you go ahead!


Trivium release music video

Trivium released a music video for their song ‘Built To Fall.’ I initially read ‘Built to Fail’ and thought to myself “how appropriate!”

The song comes from their latest album, In Waves, which was reviewed by Mark but didn’t get the highest score around. Maybe it’s him who should be posting about this video, but I guess he has a life so he’s out this Friday, leaving me here to post all this crap.

The video is reminiscent of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ with a bit of ‘Twilight’ sprinkled on top of it. In other words, off the charts gay.

I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics to see if they match the imagery, but I’ll take a wild guess: No.

It says ‘To be continued’ at the end, which means more of this crap may be soon to come. Damn.


Trivium go acoustic

Is that Iron Maiden? Yes it is. Is it Iron Maiden‘s “Iron Maiden’? Yes it is.

Trivium like acoustic guitars now, apparently.


Metalheadlines: Nostalgia edition

Nightwish (pictured above, even though I have no idea if that’s the current lineup — nor do I care to find out) are filmmakers now, or something. They’re putting together a movie named ‘Imaginaerum’ and an album of the same name. It will be directed by some guy named… Wait, what’s the point? Just read the full article and spare me from having to write any other details, jeez. The second dude from the left does kinda look like Jake Gyllenhaal though, if I’m honest.

Full Metal Jackie interviewed none other than Scott Ian of Anthrax on her show. Blabbermouth has the audio right here, so you can give it a listen by going to their site, cause they actually have information and content, unlike some other metal sites I could mention. We do have longer dicks, of that I’m sure.

Rage will enter the studio in October. Alex doesn’t care in September, nor will he care in October, either.

Dream Theater will tour Europe with some band called Periphery. And I care about this because…? Oh well, dates after the jump.

Grave have some footage online. By footage I mean two YouTube clips. Do you want to watch them? Me neither, but I will embed them after the jump, just to pretend I’m actually doing something on this stupid site.

Kyuss Lives! is the band Kyuss but without its most well-known member: Josh Homme. For some reason, they make music like that, and Brant Bjork spoke to some site about something and blah blah blah, read the interview here. This may seem lazy writing, but at least it’s honest.

Trivium have some footage from their tour. The footage is online. On YouTube. Is it embedded here? Of course. Why? No idea, but you can make the jump if that’s your cup of tea. I liked the band better when they were called Metallica though.


Attack of the killer interviews

The above interview kills. I’m not kidding, if you watch it, you’ll probably die of boredom.

Actually, I am kidding, because I didn’t even watch the interview as I didn’t want to take the risk. The video features Bryan Odell, a reporter from Lincoln, Nebraska, interviewing the bassist of Trivium, Paolo Gregoletto.

As I didn’t watch the interview, I can’t be sure what is actually said, but I’m going to guess Paolo discusses how “awesome” the new album is (hint – it isn’t).

If you’re interested in more boring interviews, then go read Blabbermouth instead then sit around, I don’t have a life, so I’ll probably post, and rip the piss out of, more soon. Enjoy.

[Source: Blabbermouth]

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