Trivium release music video

Trivium released a music video for their song ‘Built To Fall.’ I initially read ‘Built to Fail’ and thought to myself “how appropriate!”

The song comes from their latest album, In Waves, which was reviewed by Mark but didn’t get the highest score around. Maybe it’s him who should be posting about this video, but I guess he has a life so he’s out this Friday, leaving me here to post all this crap.

The video is reminiscent of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ with a bit of ‘Twilight’ sprinkled on top of it. In other words, off the charts gay.

I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics to see if they match the imagery, but I’ll take a wild guess: No.

It says ‘To be continued’ at the end, which means more of this crap may be soon to come. Damn.

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