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Jingle bells, Slipknot smells…

Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Stone Sour and The Powerpuff Girls is releasing a Christmas song. Really? I guess he wants to be up there with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez cause I’m sure they’re also releasing stuff this Christmas.

The song is apparently called “X-M@$” and is gonna be dirty. Although I’m sure he means it’s gonna be ‘c|1r7y,’ cause obviously Corey‘s obviously down with the leet ASCII crowd.

Anyway, apparently it’ll be out December 4th and no other info is available. Nor needed. Nor cared for.

Source: Blabbermouth


Corey Taylor’s newest costume: Drag

Corey Taylor in drag outfit

If the picture above isn’t the most metal thing you saw all day, I don’t know what is. Metal Hammer reports a fan made footage of Stone Sour‘s pre-Halloween show has surfaced, in which you can see Corey Taylor in the costume of his life: full blown, pink hair drag. Slipknot is now officially obsolete. I feel like my head is going to explode, there are so many angles to take a jab at this situation, that I don’t know which one to pick. But you gotta give it to the man, you need balls (or some other organs) to come out in front of a few thousand people dressed like that. And while I think about the best joke, you can enjoy watching the (actually entertaining) video yourself.


Stone Sour (digital) video

Slipknot’s smaller brother, Stone Sour, have released the video for their new single, Digital (did you tell).  The song is about the digital age we live (in) and how people need to unplug (from) it and see the world. So the band thought the best way to get this message across was to release a (digital) video on the (digital) world wide web, for all the kids (sat in front of their computer screens) to watch.

Check it out after the jump.


Stone Sour's not so secret session

Wanna see Corey Taylor dressed like a hipster and pronouncing words like a douschebag (No, I’m not being a dick, listen to Through Glass and you’ll get my “quescheeon”)? Make the jump then, because Stone Sour‘s acoustic “Secret Session” unfortunately went public.


Disturbed will lose you the elections

Kentucky, the state that gave us KFC, Larry Flynt and George Clooney, also has quite the shady political race.

Images of members of the bands Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and Stone Sour are inexplicably featured on a flyer that was released this week by a candidate for Campbell County Attorney in Kentucky.

[One side] features images of members of the above-mentioned bands taken from their publicity stills with the warning, ‘On November 2 tell Steve Franzen you don’t trust someone who makes a living defending criminals to serve as your County Attorney.’

Read full article here. Video of the report, after the jump.

Haha, gotta give it to the guy, he sure is original. I wouldn’t want my ‘county attorney’ to have such taste in music.

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