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Corey Taylor, "Mad Genius"

Corey Taylor

Do you know those cheesy VH1 shows, where they talk about a washed up artist, and bring a bunch of even more washed up no ones to talk about them as if they have insight on what’s going on in someone’s head? Well, get a paper bag, because you might throw up, Fuse TV has its own show called Mad Genius, and they’re doing a special on Corey Taylor:

Each half-hour episode of “Mad Genius” explores in detail the lives and stories of brilliant, yet often rebellious artists like Lil Wayne, Britney Spears and Corey Taylor, all of whose eccentric personalities have resulted in groundbreaking music.

Wait, stop. Hahahahaha…

Through interviews with music executives, producers, friends, bandmates and other artists, each episode provides insight into how music’s wayward sons and daughters’ personalities and instinctual abilities contributed to their musical creations.

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You can see three videos after the jump, where a bunch of people show how Corey is “mad” and a “genius”. I don’t know which alternate universe or timeline they live in, because I’d call the show ‘Whiny Mediocre.’


Stone Sour get intimate

Stone Sour will have a very intimate show for their fans. So intimate, nudity will probably be involved.

“Stone Sour have teamed up with MTV and Gift Music for one of their exclusive ‘MTV Presents:’ live shows at London’s Dingwalls venue on Tuesday, 19th October, just around the corner from MTV’s UK HQ in Camden.

Tickets are £12 and available exclusively to Stone Sour ‘Dead Generation’ fanclub members today (October 8th). Any remaining tickets will go on general sale from Monday October 11th here.— full article here.

When asked if he is jealous of Stone Sour, the Slipknot clown had no comment. He just did a honk honk noise with his nose. Twice.


Corey Tayor loves his new video

When he’s not out trick or treating on stage with his stupid mask, Corey Taylor sings in an equally annoying band… But if there’s one good thing you can say about him, is that he is objective, modest and doesn’t like to hype the shit out of his own stuff… For instance, here’s what he said about his upcoming Stone Sour video, on Twitter:

Shot the video for Hesitate yesterday- should come out pretty amazing. Super stoked. This will be THE video of our career. Stay tuned…

See what I mean? Others like to overestimate their work and blow stuff out of proportion. Not Corey.


Corey Taylor talks politics

The man that once famously announced he was going to “slit your throat and fuck the wound” has recently been lecturing people on politics. If anyone is going to be educated in the subject, it’s a man that likes to wear masks and scare children in his spare time.

Corey Taylor once claimed that people = shit, but what he meant is Republicans = shit, with the masked man offering his support to the Democrats.  He admits, however, that the Democrats aren’t strong enough and need to “man up” and grow some balls.

When asked what the Democrats need to do to stay in power, Corey responded “the Democrats probably need to slit some throats and fuck the wounds. I really feel the party would benefit from that”

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Review: Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy

For fans of:  Slipknot / Nickelcack / Alter Bridge

Following the tragic death of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray earlier this year, the one question on many peoples’ minds has been regarding the future of Slipknot and whether there will be another album.  Apparently, looking at many of the recent interviews, this is also not a question that people are too polite to not ask.  For the moment, comments by the band members have been conflicting and it’s a case of just waiting and letting them mourn first before asking themselves if they want to re-enter the studio and continue without their friend.

In the mean time however, Corey and Jim’s other band, Stone Sour are back with their third album and I present to you a review of their latest offering.  Read on to see what I make of it.

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