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Sepultura’s Wacken proshot footage posted online

… and it’s proper whack! Lame pun attempts aside, the band’s full one hour set at this year’s Wacken Open Air Fest has been posted online. I’d usually just skip to the two best songs Sepultura ever made, Roots Bloody Roots and Bullet the Blue Sky, but someone though that it would be a good idea to post the full show as one huge video, plus, they didn’t even play the better song of the two. Plus the crazy people are jumping to apparently new songs like Kairos. What the hell? Proper whack!

You can check the playlist after the jump.


Listen to another new Anthrax song

Hey yo, ready for some new Anthrax? Well. assuming it’s not the first time you’ve seen an embedded YouTube clip, my guess is you’re listening to it right now, and if you’re not, get ready for some bushy-era music and joey-era vocals (well, duh) mashed in a sweet package.

The song’s called “The Devil You Know” and it’ll officially be released tomorrow, but you can unofficially listen to it right now using the clip above.

On a side note, Andreas Kisser was so impressed with the song or whatever, he got a tattoo and shit. Check it out after the jump.


How’s Sepultura changing their lineup still news?

Seriously, when Sepultura changes a band members, that shouldn’t be news. When they change a band member temporarily, even less so. But, it’s a slow news day and nothing’s going on, plus it’s hot and I need to take my mind off of it.

The story – Sepultura’s current drummer fill-in Jean Dolabella got his arm hurt, so he couldn’t keep doing his job. Solution? The band called their good buddy Igor Amilcar Christófaro from Torture Squad, and he’s doing an awesome job and shit. I never knew Sepultura’s music was that easy to replicate, but you get disappointed in things throughout life. Next time, I’ll tel you a little story about Jesus. Anyway, if you make the jump, you can see a video of the new guy.


This week’s playlist

Have you ever wondered what we’ve been busy blasting here at the Dose of Metal office? Of course you haven’t, we don’t even have an office, but that doesn’t mean we can’t review some new metal tracks for you, and let you readers know what’s been hogging our stereo.

This week I decided to do something I rarely do – actually check out some new music. I sometimes get so caught up in my own ways, listening to the same bands over again, that I forget their is a wealth of other music out there.

Since this week’s feature is the first, I’m going to review some new tracks from the last month or so, but from next week I’m going to keep it to mainly just new tracks released in that given week. But enough about that, let’s just get on with it shall we? Make the motherflipping jump before I pop a cap in your ass.


Back when they were still good

I stumbled on this video, and for a moment felt like sharing it as ‘Back when they were still good: Sepultura,’ but then I remembered that Sepultura is still fucking awesome in my book. So, why post it? Just look at the crowd. Compare that to any clip you’ll find today with a bunch of tweens capturing the memory of the show they’re in on their precious iPhones. What the fuck will you recall when you look at those clips when you watch them afterwards? How you’ve spent the night standing like a zombie and looking at the show through a fucking cellphone?

Compare that to the clip above: Show takes place at something that looks like an abandoned warehouse. Metal? Check. Crazy circle pit that doesn’t stop for 7+ minutes of this video? Check. Crazy wreckless head stagediving? Check. Bunch of Mexicans creating fucking memories? Check.

Sure, there weren’t any cellphones to tape with back then, but… fuck you. You still look like a tool.

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