Back when they were still good

I stumbled on this video, and for a moment felt like sharing it as ‘Back when they were still good: Sepultura,’ but then I remembered that Sepultura is still fucking awesome in my book. So, why post it? Just look at the crowd. Compare that to any clip you’ll find today with a bunch of tweens capturing the memory of the show they’re in on their precious iPhones. What the fuck will you recall when you look at those clips when you watch them afterwards? How you’ve spent the night standing like a zombie and looking at the show through a fucking cellphone?

Compare that to the clip above: Show takes place at something that looks like an abandoned warehouse. Metal? Check. Crazy circle pit that doesn’t stop for 7+ minutes of this video? Check. Crazy wreckless head stagediving? Check. Bunch of Mexicans creating fucking memories? Check.

Sure, there weren’t any cellphones to tape with back then, but… fuck you. You still look like a tool.

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