Godsmack guy apologizes

Do you guys remember a while back, that musically challenged frontman of Godsmack, Sully Erna, had a little outburst on stage, in which he badmouthed Creed and in particular Scott Stapp? If not, have a read here.

Sully Erna has recently apologized to both Creed and the Scott for his actions. It’s a long read, and I doubt anyone cares, but click here if you do.

In other news though, I wish to apologize to both Sully and Godsmack, and their fans if they do exist, for any snide remarks I have made about this band or their singer in the past. I appreciate  that some people may have bad taste in music, and I respect everyone’s right to have bad taste, if they so wish to. Not everyone can have as awesome taste in music as myself, it’s a rare gift that God has blessed me with. No one at DoM, or or of any other legal body has requested that I apologize, and I do this instead because I am just that damn nice.

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