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Dream Theater drummer wanted to meet Jesus

After yesterday’s hilarious interview with Dave Mustaine, today I got to read another funny interview. This time with Dream Theater.

Check this out…

“Interviewer: Noting your current album is called A Dramatic Turn Of Events, what dramatic historical event would you like to have witnessed?
Mike Mangini: One dramatic historical event that I would have liked to witness was Jesus walking on water to the boat full of apostles. That ranks high on my list of “jaw-dropping” events.

Read full article here.

Haha, really? Well if we’re talking fiction here, why not witness the chase from Terminator 2? Or how about when Neo was woken up from the matrix in the first movie? Or how about being in the room when Joker was interrogated by Batman in TDK? Surely those are all awesome moments, far more impressive than when some dude walked on water.

I hope Mike was just trolling.


Happy Dream Theater drummer is happy

Dream Theater’s Mike Mangini (not to be confused with Mike Mangina, which is my porn name) is very happy to be in Dream Theater. I don’t blame him, I hadn’t heard of him before he joined this band.

I’m stunned at the crowds on this tour. I really am having so much fun that I can’t wait to get back on stage. One more show: Budapest. As the rest of shows were, too, the Athens crowd just rocked the Earth all the way to Africa tonight. EVERY crowd has simply gotten the band’s message loud and clear and I’m so happy to be a part of all this joy.

Message received. Please press delete.


Mike is the drummer for Dream Theater after all

As expected, Dream Theater have chosen Mike to be their drummer. Except it’s not Portnoy, it’s the other one. Mangina or whatever his last name is. Here’s what he had to say of the situation:

“It means so much to me, I almost felt like crying a couple of times. [Laughs] I didn’t know what to do.”

Well, I know what I’d do: count my lucky stars, and start thinking of that beach house I always wanted to spend my retirement in.

To remind you, Mike Mangini was one of the seven drummers who were chosen to audition for the role. The entire list:

Aquiles Priester (age 39) (Angra, Paul Di’Anno)
Peter Wildoer (age 36) (Darkane)
Marco Minnemann (age 40) (Kreator, Necrophagist, Ephel Duath, Joe Satriani)
Virgil Donati (age 52) (Planet X, Seven the Hardway)
Derek Roddy (age 38) (Hate Eternal, Nile, Today is the Day)
Mike Mangini (age 48) (Steve Vai, Extreme, Annihilator)
Thomas Lang (age 43) (John Wetton, Robert Fripp, Glenn Hughes)

Rumor has it Lars Ulrich was supposed to audition as well, but the other guys insisted it wouldn’t be fair, so they bribed some film producers to keep him busy instead.


Mike replaces Mike?

Since two days ago, rumor has it that Mike Mangini is the new drummer for Dream Theater, but the band hasn’t confirmed it yet. The man packs quite a punch and has played some pretty significant gigs (Steve Vai, Annihilator, to mention but a few), but… I can’t imagine who, besides die-hard “take DT albums to bed and make sweet sweet love to them” fans, is interested in this anymore.

I mean, come on, all this bitchy drama queen “we know the drummer but won’t tell” attitude has long since overstayed its welcome. Dream Theater, Charlie Sheen you’re not.

Make the jump for a video of Portnoy doing his thing.

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