Dream Theater drummer wanted to meet Jesus

After yesterday’s hilarious interview with Dave Mustaine, today I got to read another funny interview. This time with Dream Theater.

Check this out…

“Interviewer: Noting your current album is called A Dramatic Turn Of Events, what dramatic historical event would you like to have witnessed?
Mike Mangini: One dramatic historical event that I would have liked to witness was Jesus walking on water to the boat full of apostles. That ranks high on my list of “jaw-dropping” events.

Read full article here.

Haha, really? Well if we’re talking fiction here, why not witness the chase from Terminator 2? Or how about when Neo was woken up from the matrix in the first movie? Or how about being in the room when Joker was interrogated by Batman in TDK? Surely those are all awesome moments, far more impressive than when some dude walked on water.

I hope Mike was just trolling.

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