MTV interviewer makes fun of Dave Mustaine

Rhythm guitar. Vocals. Lead guitar. Politics. Is there anything Dave can’t do?

Apparently our man Dave has advice for the next president, and whoever that is, he’d better listen up. Cause this is a guy who founded two of the best metal bands of all time, so he knows his shit when it comes to metal. And we all know metal rules so ipso facto Dave can rule the world.

So here’s some of the things Dave said. I must warn you, the interview is unintentionally hilarious and a very good read.

If you’re a Dave fan, skip this article, because the interviewer is being sarcastic all the time and Dave doesn’t seem to realize it.

 “Dave: All I know is, if my wife walked in there and some transgender dude in a dress walked out, I would beat his ass.
Her ass.
You mean her ass.
The dude in the dress?

Haha, wow… Probably the best Dave interview in a while. It gets better, Dave mentions his hexes again.

They did [work]. And that’s why I don’t do hexes anymore. And it’s why I don’t do Megadeth songs like “The Conjuring” anymore. The lyrics are basically just a list of instructions from some of the hexes I’ve done.”

The interviewer is obviously pulling his leg at this point, but Dave is none the wiser…

“Interviewer: I just Googled the lyrics to “The Conjuring,” and I guess you’re right, it is like a recipe for a hex. I apparently need a candle and a piece of parchment and an eyelash from a black cat and the straw of a broom. This is all accurate?
Dave: It is, yeah.
Where do you even go to find the eyelash from a black cat? Amazon, maybe?
Dave: I have no clue. I’m not saying everybody would listen to that song and decide to try doing a hex. Maybe out of 100 people, 99 will think it’s stupid, or 99 will think it’s cool but would never do it. But there’s always that one. You know what I mean? I don’t want to be responsible for misleading anyone. It’s hard enough to survive in this world without getting bad ideas from a metal song.”

Read full article here.


Dave, seriously. This guy was jabbing you subliminally and all you did was fall right into his trap. I can’t blame anyone for his own beliefs, it’s your right to believe in God/Santa/hexes, but keep some of that stuff to yourself, man. Otherwise people will just make fun of you.

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