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Dave appreciation rant

Hiya folks,

I’ve been on quite a break now, due to all but good reasons, and I felt I should chime in. The subject? Good ol’ Dave. No. Not the Grohl one. The other one. Yeah, that’s right, ginger Dave.

I’m perfectly aware that Alex has posted news bits about Dave’s health. Yeah, he’s recovering after a neck surgery that involved three vertebral discs (read the details on Blabbermouth. Or, better still, don’t, because that’s already old news). The point is that the man himself blamed his injury on headbanging. Now, remember that Dave has just turned 50 recently. Put “50” and “headbanging” in the same sentence and… you get something that Papa Het has forgotten to do for a good 23 years. Metal, that is.

(Pictured above: Metal. Not by numbers)

If you didn’t hear yet the measly alternative that Dave counters Lulu with, hit the jump, but be prepared for a non-intellectual borefest that cannot hold a candle to the deep-thinking behemoth that “The View” is.


Dave Mustaine is feeling good after surgery

In spite of the expression on his face above, Dave is feeling better after surgery!

10/5 was two week check-up. Looks good! Feels great!! Start physical therapy Monday. More Tread Climber until then.

Read tweet here.

Good news, I guess. Nothing to add, just happy my little ginger metalhead is feeling good.


Van Halen II: The discussion

To say about Van Halen II that the title says it all, would be an understatement. But let’s break it down, anyway, in case a juggalo is reading this.

The ‘Van Halen’ in ‘Van Halen II’ means it’s an album by the band Van Halen. ‘II’ stands for ‘second,’ because it’s their sophomore effort. Mr. Wikipedia, at your service.

Leaving bad jokes and sarcasm aside, there’s a podcast out there called “Mars Attacks,” and they got a bunch of musicians together to talk about this album. What musicians? Well, people like Charlie Benante, Glen Drover and Gene Hoglan, and others…

You can listen to the podcast right here: [audio:http://marsattacksradio.com/Interviews/Mars_Attacks_Podcast_046_-_VHII.mp3]

Download here.

Source: MarsAttacksRadio.com


David Ellefson wants to give talent back to God

Both Daves in Megadeth are pretty religious, but only one of them wants give God some of his talent back.

This is what David Ellefson said in a recent interview:

God gave me my musical talent so I found it fitting that for a few years I should give some of it back to Him for his use

Read full interview here.

God sure could use it, I’ve heard Him play bass and He sucks.

Seriously, this quote is so easy to misinterpret and make fun of, that I’m not even gonna try. I actually like David a lot, and I’m very happy he’s back in Megadeth, so I’ll let this slide… But you can all submit your own God/David/Megadeth/bass jokes below:

    If they’re funny, you’ll have the honor of making me laugh. Good luck!

    Source: Blabbermouth


    Like a rolling stone…

    Lars Ulrich, the guy who starred in the comedy “Dude, why are we crying and talking to a faux-shrink? We’re fucking rich and famous and should be real men in our mid-40s!!!” (alternative title: Some Kind of Monster), talked to Rolling Stone magazine about the recent Big Four gig at the Yankee Stadium in New York.

    The interview is above, and you guessed it: Lars talks about the ‘good vibe,’ nostalgia, and blah blah blah. At no point have I heard any mentions of ‘buttloads of cash,’ ‘new Mercedes lease,’ or ‘brand new painting’ — which to me, sound like the real reasons they’d pretend to get along with the other bands.

    But hey, judging from some of the footage and photos I’ve seen, it looked like an awesome show. I would have loved to be there, but I’m not rich, so I can’t even afford a hotdog at the Yankee Stadium, let alone a ticket.

    With two Big Four shows under my belt, I can honestly say, in spite of my being skeptical of this new-found friendship they keep talking about, being at a Big Four show is pretty awesome. Even if you think the bands suck now, they’re still pretty good live. Well, some of them are.

    So next time they’ll play together, and believe me — $$ there will be a next time $$ — try to make it. It’s really better than sitting at home and streaming porn.

    Actually, it’s kind of the same thing. What does jerking off have in common with going to a Big Four show? You feel fucked at the end, but you’re pretty sure it wasn’t by a girl. ZING!!!

    I keed, I keed, it’s a pretty good show.

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