Lulu vs. Thirteen

Well, since Lulu and Thirteen (sorry, I couldn’t spell it the way Dave wants if I tried) have the same release date, I thought that the clip below, which is a radio rip and I hope it won’t go down in 2 days time, should help settle the score.

Of course, I’m fully aware that:

1) Lulu is going to sell heaps better than Thirteen
2) “Shut the fuck up already, faggot, Lulu is not even a Metallica album”
3) I’m a lobotomized ape who couldn’t understand intellectual music and profound lyrical meaning to save his life. Nonetheless, in my extremely biased book, Dave wins hands down this time.

In fact, there’s no contest at all. Yes, I’m self absorbed, pompous, thickheaded, a simpleton and all that… But however hard I tried, I am not a table.

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