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Rolling Stone’s Top 100 guitarists of all time makes Alex laugh

So Rolling Stone magazine has a new Top 100 out, and it’s about the best guitarists of all time… Now, I do know how hard it must be to put such a top together, you have to take a lot of things into consideration, and no matter what, people will always be disappointed.

But I really think this Top is overall a piece of shit. I’m sorry, nothing against the magazine, but it just makes me laugh.

James Hetfield is ranked 87th. Dimebag is ranked 92nd. You know what Tom Morello is ranked? Fucking 40th.

I mean I got nothing against the guy, but how can the guy who uses every pedal in the goddamn universe rank about 50 places higher than two of the most influential metal guitarists? He’s even four places higher than Mark Knopfler, and that really is an amazing guitarist. Take away all of his pedals, what does Tom have, anyway, when compared to those three?

Kurt Cobain is also ranked higher than Dime and Jaymz.

Now, about the first places, I do agree with them. Jimi Hendrix is, of course, in first place, followed by Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Other wonderful guitarists are very high up, which is another plus for the article — Chuck Berry (7th), Eddie Van Halen (8th), Angus Young (24th) and Tony Iommi (25th).

I do have a problem with Keith Richards getting number four. I mean, I love the Stones, and I think they’re wonderful — they also put an amazing show live. But is Keith really above all those other names? I know it’s probably his writing, not his proficiency, that got him there… But the fourth guitarist of all time? I don’t think so. Are they biased cause they share (almost) the same name as his band?

The whole top is a mess, and metalheads got fucked. Rolling Stone usually has great articles, so how could this happen?

Oh, the guy who plays guitar in Blink-182 was one of the voters. Alongside him, Billy Corgan and a shitload of people I never heard of. Well, with such a roster of amazing talents (such as the dude in Blink), no wonder they screwed it up.

Good job on *most* of the first places, but shame on you for neglecting or underestimating some fine metal guitarists. Hope you redeem yourself, Rolling Stone.

You can read the full article here. Keep in mind that it has that awful image scroller thing, so you can only browse it one name at a time. If you want a headache-free list of the Top 100, make the jump.


Music doesn’t sell. What about books?

Keith Richards

I just came up on an interesting article on Roling Stone’s website (the magazine’s website, not the band’s… the confusion kinda fits this article). Apparently, Keith Richards’ book, entitled “Life,” has sold 1 million copies.

That’s one million. If that were albums, it would have been platinum. Sure, The Rolling Stones are extremely popular, and they have audience whose age spans from the past three centuries or whatever, but the number still seems huge, considering many rock bands barely sell a few thousands of CDs nowadays. Not many of those rockers climb palm trees when they’re 62, though, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised after all. I wonder if the book explains that one.


The Rolling Stones appeared in Rolling Stone

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards topped Rolling Stone’s “The 11 Greatest Rock Feuds” top, because Keith made fun of Mick‘s tiny unit and all of that. Axl Rose and Slash came at number 10, surprisingly, but how can that be? At least Keith and Mick are still working together.

Anyways, go here and see the whole top. Watch out, it’s got one of those annoying image sliders… But we couldn’t be bothered to type all of it for you don’t want to spoil the list for you, so click them arrows and stop expecting us to do everything. Jesus fucking Christ.

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