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The old grannies in Aerosmith are still fighting over Idol

When Steven Tyler joined American Idol, a lot of people were angry. Including Kid Rock. But no one was as angry as Tyler’s own band mate, guitarist Joe Perry.

Now that Steven is out of American Idol, you’d think they’d be over it within the band, and would just focus on the music… Right? Wrong. Just watch the video above (at around 1:40).

If you think about it, most bands break up because of the tension between certain band members. Usually between the singer and the guitar player. I’m guessing that happens because no matter what, the singer will always be the most important member of the band in people’s eyes, so he will develop an ego and think he’s bigger than the band itself. Also, the guitarist always gets a lot of attention too, enough to get him an ego, but not as much as the singer, making him jealous and insecure.

As a misanthropic piece of shit myself, I can definitely understand calling it quits when you’re forced to work with people you dislike. At one point, no money, fame, or critical acclaim can make you stand certain assholes any longer, especially ones that act like little divas. So I’m not above hating someone, I definitely understand it. But at least be manly about it.

Get into a fist fight, challenge each other to gun duels, don’t just go running to the press to talk shit about the other guy. That’s what girls do, man. Just be a man and hate your band member and former friend like a man.

Now back to Aerosmith, it is pretty obvious that these guys cannot stand each other, but somehow they made it work. Which would be respectable, I guess, if they didn’t act like gossipy little brats. Not only do they dress and fight like chicks, but they both talk like they came straight out of “Mean Girls.”

– Like, I was totally like, feeling that American Idol gig and certain people were jealous of me
– Nuh-uh, girl, speak for yourself, I wasn’t jealous at all.
– Bitch!!!!

Grow up, guys. You’re older than the American dollar, time to stop these petty catfights in the press.


Aerosmith, working hard and hardly working

You might be wondering what the rest of Aerosmith is doing while Steven Tyler is busy playing Simon Cowell. Well, Joe Perry is in his studio with producer Jack Daniels Douglas and they’re apparently working.

Now, I haven’t watched the video above, but I trust it’s pretty good, so if you like this band, go ahead and stream it. I personally can’t be bothered, I just finished getting the latest episode of BangBus and you can take the redneck away from porn, but you can’t take porn away from the redneck.

Anyway, if this CD does come out (which I doubt), it will be their 14th studio effort (that I have ignored) and the first one in over 10 years. I don’t know about you, but the past 10 years have been pretty good to me, and Aerosmith never released anything. Coincidence? I think not, bitches.


Drugs are good, mmkay?

Rock’s version of Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler, felt the need to share with the world that he did drugs with guitarist Joe Perry in 2008. Damn, Steven and his literally big mouth.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tyler says he and Joe Perry did drugs together in 2008 after years of sobriety. Aerosmith had been working on a new album, which never developed. Tyler says Perry was so impaired by snorting prescription pills, he couldn’t even play his instrument. Tyler says he was no better — he couldn’t sing.

Read full article here.

Hey, look at the positive. He can also blame his effeminate weird clothing on drugs. It’s like a ‘get away with anything’ card, this substance abuse thing.

Anyway, isn’t he a household name now from that one karaoke show he’s on? Why is he talking about drugs? What about all the kids looking up to him? Listen, I drink a lot of beer, but it’s not like I talk about alcohol abuse like it’s a good thing… Oh wait, yes I do.



Joe Perry tweets a lot

This can’t be the 70s, right? I mean, I’m blogging, Joe Perry is texting, there’s 3D mature porn streaming on my laptop — this has to be the 2000s.

So if we’re not in the 70s, why would anyone care if Joe is still in Aerosmith?

Well, whatever, apparently he is. And apparently he can also work a computer, because he confirmed this on his Twitter account.

I am in Aerosmith. I am not going anywhere. The band isn’t writing any more. It was only for 8 days. If ya need a jolt get my last solo CD

Read tweet here.

I didn’t know senior citizens could tweet. That’s adorable!

Go here to read more of his tweets about Aerosmith, if you’re also 90 years old.


Perry loves Tyler

There has been quite the publicity stunt a lot of drama in the press about Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, their fights, the disbandment, the whole shebang. But now Joe Parry has grown up and recently told an interviewer that he wishes Steven the best of luck. Awww *cue ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ chorus*

“Steven wants to spend time in L.A. and do this,” Perry says of ‘Idol.’ “He’s always talked about doing stuff like that and I think he wants to try his hand at that. Let him go at it. That’s an interesting endeavor. I hope he’s really happy doing it.

Read full article here.

About time they grew up. But don’t be surprised if in the next interview the sparks fly again.

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