Drugs are good, mmkay?

Rock’s version of Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler, felt the need to share with the world that he did drugs with guitarist Joe Perry in 2008. Damn, Steven and his literally big mouth.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tyler says he and Joe Perry did drugs together in 2008 after years of sobriety. Aerosmith had been working on a new album, which never developed. Tyler says Perry was so impaired by snorting prescription pills, he couldn’t even play his instrument. Tyler says he was no better — he couldn’t sing.

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Hey, look at the positive. He can also blame his effeminate weird clothing on drugs. It’s like a ‘get away with anything’ card, this substance abuse thing.

Anyway, isn’t he a household name now from that one karaoke show he’s on? Why is he talking about drugs? What about all the kids looking up to him? Listen, I drink a lot of beer, but it’s not like I talk about alcohol abuse like it’s a good thing… Oh wait, yes I do.


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