Steven Tyler likes balls

You know by now that Steven Tyler is the new American Idol judge. Also, $20 says American Idol will have the lowest ratings ever this upcoming season… Anyway, you know from now on a lot of questions like “OMG HOW WILL YOU FIND TIME TO BE A ROCKSTAR NOW THAT YOU ARE ONTV??” will keep being asked, so might as well get used to it.

But check out how Steven answers this question in a recent interview. Is it just me, or is he being a bit more “male friendly” than usual?

“I’m married to four men. I mean, you think women are bad. Did I say that? So it’s a marriage, and there’s a lot of ups and downs, and we went through a period there — a slow period — where everybody was not feeling so good. […] So it just is what it is. It’s good, because it afforded us a down period, and we got a chance to look at each other. […] I can juggle a lot of balls, so it’s all looking good.”

Listen to the full interview here.

Now, I’m not a homophobe. I like Wham! as much as the next man. But don’t those quote just feel a bit off to you? I was waiting for something like “And this one time, at band practice…” to come next.

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