Heaven Shall Burn guitarist’s new solo project

Guitarist of Heaven Shall Burn, Alexander Dietz, has a new solo project called Erode. He’s been working on an album, which is scheduled to hit stores on July 19th.

As a big fan of Heaven Shall Burn, I decided to check out Erode, but then I came across one problem. Erode aren’t even Metal. It’s Electronic/Industrial instrumental type music, I guess in a similar vein to Nine Inch Nails. That probably brings with it the question of why I’m even posting this when this site is called Dose of Metal, but I guess it’s to cater to the NIN fans, and to warn the rest of you so you don’t make the same mistake I did and waste 5 minutes of your life if this kind of music isn’t your thing.

You can listen to three of Erode‘s tracks over at Facebook.

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