Dose of – Heaven Shall Burn

Who are Heaven Shall Burn? I hear you cry. Only one of the finest Metal bands to come out of Germany in recent years, combining an aggressive, yet melodic sound that succeeds in standing out from the many other Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore bands of the last decade.

Once again, here I am saving you the 5 minutes it would take to Google the band, by posting my five top songs right after the jump. And by 5 top songs, I mean 5 random songs that kick major ass, as I’m way too lazy to actually think deeply about what my 5 favorite HSB songs. Regardless, Get on it after the wall of death. By which, I mean hurry up and click “continue reading.”

5. The Weapon They Fear (Antigone, 2004)

4. Counterweight (Death to Our Prayers, 2006)

3. Voice of the Voiceless (Antigone, 2004)

2. Combat (Invictus, 2010)

1. Endzeit (Iconoclast, 2008)

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