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Is Randy Blythe guilty?

The question everyone’s been asking since June is this: Is Randy Blythe really guilty? Well, let’s look at the facts:

Fact 1: I wasn’t there, so I don’t know.
Fact 2: You weren’t there, so you don’t know either.
Fact 3: You’re not a lawyer, so shut the fuck up.

I feel really sorry for both Randy and the fan who got killed, because this is unfortunate and no one wanted this to happen. But why are people everywhere throwing verdicts around? How do they know?

Here’s something very basic you need to understand about killing someone: If you start shoving your friend as a joke, and then at one point you push him harder, he falls down, hits his head and dies, you’re fucked. Sure, it’s not as bad as purposely killing a man, but it’s still involuntary manslaughter, and you’re still going to jail.

So you don’t have to be a cold-blooded murderer to be responsible for someone’s death, you just have to be really unlucky. So in Randy’s case, I have no idea what happened and if he’s responsible in any way, but some of his fans are just not being realistic about it.

My honest opinion, and this is coming from someone who is not a Lamb of God fan, Randy never intended to hurt anyone. I don’t know the guy, and again, I wasn’t there, but I am sure he just wanted to keep playing and finish his set. Unfortunately, security didn’t kick the kid out the first time he did that crap, so now look what happened.

Here’s what Phil Anselmo had to say on the matter:

I mean, you get on the stage at a metal show, you, nine times out of ten, are pretty much gonna jump off the front of the stage. He hits his head on the ground… I’m no lawyer, I’m no cop, but there’s this thing called ‘free will,’ and when you do something like that, that, to me, is accidental death.

I disagree with Phil, because security should not allow you to get on stage, period. As long as it’s so easy to hurt yourself or hurt anyone else while jumping into the crowd, as cool as it is, don’t do it. If you allow this type of behavior, then eventually bad luck might make an appearance.

It’s all fun and games until someone dies. I’m sorry it happened to Randy, but it could have happened to Pantera back in the early 90s, and it can happen to anyone who lets fans get on their stage and get crazy. The intensity of metal music is what we all love about it, and to share that intensity with the band and the other fans in the pit is great.

But as a musician you should simply be more careful, and ask your security to keep the fans on the floor. It’s also a good idea if you don’t get involved personally, and let security do their job. Just a thought though, again, I wasn’t there. And neither were most people commenting on this matter.

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Phil quote credit: Blabbermouth


Is Robb Flynn Bane?

In the comic books, Bane deduces who the real Batman is using nothing but his smarts. Or so I’m told, comic books have way too much text for my taste.

In the real world, Rob Flynn says Randy Blythe is innocent. I don’t know if I misread the article and there was more to it (like, shit I don’t know, proof?) or we’re supposed to take his word for it. I bet Randy wishes he could do the same with the Czech legal system.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t personally think Randy’s really guilty, and I can only imagine what a hell it must be to be stuck in an Eastern Europe (I’ve been trying to get out for the past 26 years), but seriously dudes, going around saying he’s innocent without anything to back it up is like praying to fight cancer.

Massive spoilers: cancer won.


Dez Fafara and Randy Blythe speak out on piracy

Dez Fafara (Devildriver)

We’ve kind of touched on this on Wednesday, and here we go again. As you know, Megaupload has been shut down last night, which got a lot of people upset because they lost their favorite place to share “large family photo albums” with their friends, which really fucking annoys me. It’s people like those that risk the whole structure of the internet because they lost their favorite place to get free shit from, and their voices are the loudest. People who actually understand the full implications of SOPA and PIPA and whatever else there is will always get blamed of being thieves because of same people.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think extreme copyright is good for anyone. Imagine a situation where megacorporations (haha, mega) actually control everything on the internet. Imagine their greedy asses then. I can bet you $5 right now that this website would have probably never existed, because same companies would probably want to charge us for whatever shitty photo of a band or musician we put up on this website. Can’t post photos of their slaves. Imagine Garfield Minus Garfield in such a world. It would probably be called Garfield Minus Garfield Minus Garfield minus whatever else was in the original comic.

On the other hand, we’re in a situation where the average retard that can barely turn the computer knows how to find every new music album, TV show or movie for free. I don’t give a shit how entitled you feel, that ain’t right.

I could go on and on, and I could paint this picture in a thousand ways, it would probably always turn out grey. Corporations will always be too greedy, people will always find way to pirate stuff… I did however want to post thoughts of Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) and Dez Fafara (Devildriver), as well as Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen here because unlike you and me, they actually live on music, and their words have more merit than some douchebag who feels pissed off because he couldn’t leech the latest Twilight movie, and screams about how his internet rights have been stripped. Make the jump for a series of quotes taken from Twitter (and a statement by Avildsen), and thanks to ThePRP for doing my job and compiling them.


Randy Blythe speaks on internet censorship, gets our respec’

Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)

Sure, we’re there to make fun of Lamb of God and related people every now and then, but after reading the article on Noisecreep where Randy, an anti-piracy advocate slams SOPA on pretty much all grounds and says he’d rather starve than let censorship in through the back door, I felt nothing but respect. I also got a little hard, but don’t tell anyone.

Since it’s related to today’s theme (which is SOPA and apparently the fact that Staind and Godsmack have no ideas left), I’ll cover a few quotes from it:

“Never ever, ever, ever,” states Blythe on whether he’d ever support such legislation. “I would rather starve. I’ve been poor plenty of times. I was poor for a long, long time in this band, literally homeless at times. I’m not particularly worried about getting rich, that’s not why I do this. I make a good living, a lot of people don’t. I’m not a millionaire, but I’m quite comfortable now after 16 years of being in this band.

“I’ve been to China. I know what happens there. I’ve been all around the world to places where you can’t get this and can’t get that and I’m like, ‘Really?’ It seems like such a weird innocuous thing to me coming from America. I refuse to support anything that will further censorship whether it be government or corporate. I mean, we’re being sold enough s— as it is.”

“Would I like to live comfortably in a nice house as an indentured servant or would I like to live in the ghetto as a free man? I’ll take the ghetto any day.”



Randy Blythe posts his first presidential campaign ad


In case you missed the big news, Randy Blythe (the singer for Lamb of God) wants to run for president. Like, for real. This is his first campaign ad which he self-produced.



The only thing left to announce is his running mate, and I’m placing my bets on Fred Durst, y’all.

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