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Chickenfoot Chad talks cymbals

Drummer for the not-so-super supergroup Chickenfoot and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad Smith, recently sat down with Drum! Magazine at NAMM to discuss cymbals or something. In particular he talks about the “Holy China” cymbal he developed with Sabian.

It’s interesting stuff really. No, I’m kidding, it really isn’t. With all the recent talks with musicians about their guitars at NAMM, I imagine this is a little like the group of jocks at High School who would discuss their latest hot cheerleader conquests, and then some dork butts into the conversation to discuss the amazing wank he had the other night over the pink Power Ranger.

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Dummies Hall of Fame

It doesn’t come as a surprise that none other than Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, among 10 others, like Neil Peart of Rush, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Josh Freese of A Perfect Circle, will be inducted into the Dummies Hall of Fame this year.

What an honor it must be to be inducted into this elitist Hall of Fame, next to George Costanza, Zach Braff and Vin Diesel.

You can only take a joke so far and I already took it too far after typing in the title for this article. No, it’s not called Dummies, but Drummies Hall of Fame (whoever came up with that name deserves to be inducted into the Dummies Hall of Fame though).

You want serious news? Well, go to the site where I stole this news from.

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