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SOPA – We asked for opinions

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a very controversial subject. We found that out when we asked 20 musicians, 3 artists, 1 band manager and 1 PR agent for their opinion on the matter, and only 6 of them finally sent us a statement.

We do understand that some people don’t want to comment on the bill though. Not everyone is going to understand and agree with what these people think. They are musicians after all, not average internet users. So their opinion on the matter might split their fanbase into two camps, and we can definitely understand why they don’t want to risk that.

With that being said, with this article we’re trying to give those people a chance to speak on the matter, since they would be affected by it in different ways than most people. Five musicians (including one who is also the director of an independent record label), one artist and finally the writers of this website speak out on the Stop Online Piracy Act and piracy in general right after the jump.

Now, why would our opinion really matter? Dose of Metal and other similar music blogs rely heavily on Youtube and PR agencies distributing music for promotion purposes through one-click hosts. Without that, this site would barely be able to exist in its current form.

Musicians and other artists would face an even bigger challenge, if this bill went through. Just think of all the internet promotion they couldn’t count on anymore.

Keep all that in mind when you’re reading the rest of this story after the jump.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Blood Red Throne

They’re made of blood, they’re red and they’re… a throne? Yeah it’s fucking Blood Red Throne, the Death Metal masterminds hailing from Norway. Wondering why you should check them out? (besides the fact I’M telling you to) You should check them out, because, besides being badass and one of the best modern Death Metal bands, but also because the band feature Tchort (of Emperor and Green Carnation, as well as a host of other brilliant bands) on guitar, who is pretty much a God.

Blood Red Throne are full of meaty grooves that put the grooves of my penis to shame. Just one listen of this band will leave your ears bloody and your mind battered, and I mean that in a good way.

The song ‘Deliberate Carnage’ taken from 2005’s Altered Genesis can be heard below.


Blood Red Throne give updates

Are you a fan of Blood Red Throne (and if the answer to that is no, why not?) and excited for some major exclusive updates? Then sorry to disappoint you, and sorry to get your hopes up, but the band do indeed have, at least, some words for 2011.

The band toured a lot last year (apparently with Dimmu Borgir for some reason, and Enslaved) and Blood Red Throne have mentioned how great this was for them, but also discuss their plans for 2011, which can be read below.

“As for 2011, Død has written five new killer tunes for an upcoming album. We’re returning to Mexico the first weekend in June, playing a festival with Sepultura. In August, we’re playing with Morbid Angel, Vader, Gorguts and Nevermore at the Brutal Assault Festival!”

More information can be found here.

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