Weekly Dose of Metal: Blood Red Throne

They’re made of blood, they’re red and they’re… a throne? Yeah it’s fucking Blood Red Throne, the Death Metal masterminds hailing from Norway. Wondering why you should check them out? (besides the fact I’M telling you to) You should check them out, because, besides being badass and one of the best modern Death Metal bands, but also because the band feature Tchort (of Emperor and Green Carnation, as well as a host of other brilliant bands) on guitar, who is pretty much a God.

Blood Red Throne are full of meaty grooves that put the grooves of my penis to shame. Just one listen of this band will leave your ears bloody and your mind battered, and I mean that in a good way.

The song ‘Deliberate Carnage’ taken from 2005’s Altered Genesis can be heard below.

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