Blood Red Throne give updates

Are you a fan of Blood Red Throne (and if the answer to that is no, why not?) and excited for some major exclusive updates? Then sorry to disappoint you, and sorry to get your hopes up, but the band do indeed have, at least, some words for 2011.

The band toured a lot last year (apparently with Dimmu Borgir for some reason, and Enslaved) and Blood Red Throne have mentioned how great this was for them, but also discuss their plans for 2011, which can be read below.

“As for 2011, Død has written five new killer tunes for an upcoming album. We’re returning to Mexico the first weekend in June, playing a festival with Sepultura. In August, we’re playing with Morbid Angel, Vader, Gorguts and Nevermore at the Brutal Assault Festival!”

More information can be found here.

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