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Young kids and instruments

Wow. Really? No timing whatsoever and he actually misses the cymbals. It’s not even worthy of my time.


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Young kids and instruments

I love the guitar, kid. I love the choice of solo, too, one of the few times Kirk‘s wah actually needed to be used.

Cover is bad though. Wait for your fingers to grow longer, you’re too small to cover the frets. Overall pretty sloppy.

Drink milk, stay in school and keeps practicing. Preferably with a metronome (hint hint).

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Apparently we’re epic failures

Some asshole sent a screenshot of our site to one of those fail sites. Why? Cause apparently we have a skull in the logo and Guido used a picture of people getting hanged and the banner on top was for kids.

Yeah assholes, like we control what banners Google shows… Sure, we can deny them but it’s not like we see all of them, since they’re shown depending on your location.

Anyways, here it is. Vote for it, while you’re at it. We’re like The Darkness. If we’re being laughed at, might as well embrace and milk it.


Weak Recap: We’re better than you

Fact 1: We love interviews.
Fact 2: Our opinion is great.
Fact 3: Lame week recaps are lame

Taking that into consideration, we realized we do want to make a week recap at the end of each week, but not just a lame list of all our articles or something. So we decided to go narcissistic and just interview each other about the previous week’s most important headlines. Since this week recap is weak, we’re calling it a Weak Recap. Clever, right? Blow me.

So this weekend I’m interviewing Guido. We’ll take turns interviewing each other because let’s face it, we rule. So make the jump to see what he has to say about what went on in the last 7 days.


Friday Top 10: YouTube cliches that need to go

It’s hard to picture the internet without YouTube nowadays, but it’s pretty shocking to think the site was started in 2005. Do you remember what it was like before? Usually idiotic streaming via Windows Media Player that took forever and looked like shit. Before that you simply had to download the clips.

Now YouTube is the third biggest website in the world (after Google and Facebook) and it seems like the internet is just dominated by embedded YT clips. But what does this really mean? It means A LOT of idiots have access to it thus we have a lot of crappy videos and retarded comments. I remember the day when people with two digit IQs couldn’t even turn on the computer. Now EVERYONE has internet access, and most people are pretty stupid so you get the idea…

Anyway, I’m gonna list the top 10 most annoying YouTube cliches. Granted, not the most ‘metal’ of articles but hey, these apply mostly to music videos and they can be found on metal videos so you elitist metalheads will be able to relate.

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