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Young kids and instruments

Wow. Really? No timing whatsoever and he actually misses the cymbals. It’s not even worthy of my time.


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Dragonforce finally get a singer

Remember 4 years ago when Dragonforce were popular? I mean, they weren’t selling millions or anything, but you couldn’t help hearing the name Dragonforce everywhere.  A big part of their popularity was due to the hugely successful Guitar Hero 3 game (or maybe it was Guitar Hero 4, meh can’t be bothered looking that up).

They released their most recent studio album in 2008, Ultra Beatdown, and it seemed like no one cared about them anymore (except me).  Things didn’t get any better in 2010, they lost their singer Zp Theart in because of “insurmountable differences.”

Flash forward to exactly a year later since Zp Theart left the band and now it looks like Dragonforce have found their front man, who happens to sounds pretty damn good.  His name is Marc Hudson, he’s 23 years old, he’s from England and he has surprisingly good teeth.

If you’re interested seeing what he has to say since joining the band, a video of him recording a song and comments from the best guitar player in world because he plays so fast Herman Li, then click here.

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