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Atreyu are livin’ on the edge

Atreyu have a released a new song, a cover of Aerosmith’s 1993 smash hit “Livin’ On The Edge“.   It will also be featured on their upcoming EP, an EP full of cover songs.

If you want to hear it, you have to first “like” Atreyu on Facebook.  Is it actually worth it to “like” Atreyu, just to hear this song?  Embarrassing if you ask me.

Click here if you’re actually interested in wasting your time with this song and having close friends/family laugh at your taste in music.



They made WHAT????

“Aerosmith, which completed its 18-city U.S. tour in mid-September, received a guaranteed $1 million payday for its 90-minute performances

Holy shitfaced Jesus H. Motherfucking Christ. These guys make this much money on the road, after decades of being irrelevant, and they still fight and are jealous of each other? Just shut up and do your job, for fuck’s sake. If I earned $1 million a day I’d even take huge dildos up my ass without complaining. Granted, I do that for free as well, but you see my point.

Part of the contract after the jump.


Aerosmith to continue

Here at Dose of Metal, we are both deeply saddened and shocked to hear that, despite Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s new job on American Idol, this will not spell the end for Trashcore band, Aerosmith.  At least according to bassist Tom Hamilton (yep, I haven’t heard of him either).

We can only hope that one day, these dinosaurs finally decide to call it a day.

Check out the full story at Blabbermouth.


Dinerosmith > Aerosmith

Green… Is my new obsession. Green, is not even a question…

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler is known for two things. One, his enormous fucking mouth, which looks like it could wreck Haiti with a simple sneeze. Two… Well that’s about it, really.

However, if you thought American Idol was a bad show, good news. It’s gonna get worse. The rumors were true, Steven is officially confirmed as a new Idol judge…

If you’re looking forward to seeing the second grand canyon move and throw insults at contestants, in glorious HD mind you, then 2011 will be your best year yet.

When asked for a comment, Joe Perry pushed the interviewer off the stage and then helped him back up.


Aerosmith play final show

Aerosmith have played the final show of their “Cocked, Locked, And Ready to Rock!”  tour, and thank God for that!

With Steven Tyler now whoring himself out on American Idol we can only hope that the band finally call it a day.

Check out videos from the show after the jump.

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