17 years ago Metallica fans said WTF


On this exact day in 1996, the world (and especially diehard Metallica fans) said “WHAT THE FUCK!!???” as Tallica released their video for “Until It Sleeps.”

Don’t get me wrong, I like this song way better than I like a lot of other Load tracks. But the video is full of weird imagery inspired by a Dutch painter and a completely different band. Haircuts, eyeliner, Lars’ nipple ring, Jason smearing feces all over his body, all of this was pretty fucked up.

All the eyeliner and artsy fartsy crap came from Lars and Kirk, apparently James hated all of it. This begs the question, why did he go along with it? I guess we’ll never know, all we know is, 17 years later, another ‘different’ video from Metallica debuts. It’s the trailer for their new IMAX movie.

Go watch it on their official site, or after the jump.


Sweet sexy succulent Satan, Ghost released their first video today

Continuing their downward spiral, the sellout band Ghost (or Ghost B.C. as they go by these days) just released their first official video, for the previously released track “Secular Haze.”

I remember those good old days of almost 13 months ago, when when this band made simple, catchy, 70’s sounding stony doom music and gave me credibility on obscure metal forums, but suddenly it feels like they’ve been making all the wrong moves. The new song is simple, catchy, 70’s sounding stony doom, and I guess it’s still pretty good, but I don’t feel as comfortable with it as I did all those moons ago. Fuck this band.



Is this the new Nu Metal?

The premise of Nu Metal always seemed like a good idea on paper. However, when put into practice, the results were not brilliant. A lot of metalheads took offense to the borrowing of the term ‘Metal’ for music which is actually closer to the Rock genre and well, the music also sucked, let’s be honest. Whiny middle class white kids, with minimal talent, rapping with an incompetent flow about how much their lives suck, backed by horrendous instrumentals.

Above is a different take on the genre though. The band Hacktivist have taken music that is closer to the sounds of artists like Tesseract, Meshuggah and Between the Buried and Me and have decided to rap over it. Nu-Djent? Progressive New Nu Metal, with actual Metal? Yeah, I have no idea what kind of labels kids are slapping on this stuff, but it’s a lot better than half the bands I listened to in school (*cough* Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit).

So, will I listen to Hacktivist again? Perhaps not, as I prefer my vocals to either be screaming or singing, but I still find it interesting the different styles and approaches that people are taking with music. And if you think the band are bad, I dare you to try and listen to the new Linkin Park album. I know which I would rather listen to….


So the world didn’t end :(


I have to admit, I was kinda rooting for the apocalypse theory. Not that I’m depressed or anything, but I do hate a lot of people, so I’d give my life if it meant everyone else would go down with me.

But that didn’t happen, so I guess we still have to live in this dirty and polluted world and pretend we don’t hate all the assholes around us.

On that positive note, happy new year, motherfuckers! I know we haven’t been writing much, but we were hoping the apocalypse would show its fat face.

Happy holidays!




We haven’t had a post here since October, and this is really not our fault. It’s not easy being a slob, you know? Being lazy takes a lot of talent and dedication, so next time you accuse any of us for not writing on this site, at least learn to appreciate how hard it is to be as bad as us.

Having said that, I had to jump on the 12/12/12 bandwagon and acknowledge this kickass date. The last time we’ll have such a nice date. Sure, we’ll have 11/12/13 next year, but it’s not gonna be the same.

Will the world end this year? God, I hope so. I really do. Unfortunately I’m not 6, so I can’t believe in superstitious crap like the horoscope, religion, prophecies about the apocalypse, Dave Mustaine being over the Metallica feud, those kinds of things. So no, it won’t happen. But do I want it to happen? Hell yes.


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