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Interview: Anders Colsefni (Painface, ex-Slipknot)

After reading a lot about Slipknot’s Iowa lately — and many people calling it their favorite Slipknot release — I had to think about which one actually my favorite release is. If I had to choose from the Corey Taylor era, I’d definitely go with Iowa. But Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite release of their entire catalogue.

This album was the only record Anders Colsefni (real name: Andrew Rouw, and it’s Colsefni – not Colsefini) released with the band. In 1996 the band intended MFKR to be their debut album. But when they signed with Roadrunner Records, and Colsefni had left the band, Slipknot from then on referred to it as a full-length demo.

To me it doesn’t really matter if it’s a demo or their debut album, MFKR is my favorite Slipknot record. With that being said, I tried to keep my eyes and ears open for anything Colsefni did after Slipknot. I enjoyed the album he did with Painface, called Fleshcraft, in 2000. And I tried to follow his work with Vice Grip Throttle but admittedly struggled to stay up-to-date with their output.

Not to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Iowa, but to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. (it was released in October of 1996) I reached out to Anders Colsefni and talked to him about Slipknot, Paul Gray’s passing, Painface and more. You can find the interview after the jump.


Interview: Maddox

Many of you may be wondering why a metal site would choose to interview someone like Maddox, since he’s not a musician. The photo above answers all your questions. Maddox (on the left) is punching a The Black Dahlia Murder fan. If that doesn’t give him enough credibility, I don’t know what will.

Maddox is the man behind The Best Page in The Universe (second best, in our opinion, but we’re probably biased), a site I’ve been reading for over a decade. He’s been a huge influence on my writing and my sense of humor, and apparently I got him into Swashbuckle.

This may not be your typical DoM interview, but it brought a few metalhead pirates together — my life is complete.

Make the jump and find out what metal Maddox listens to, whether or not he’ll ever consider including us in his future books, and what suggestions he has for our site’s design.


Interview: Richie Londres (Sol Invicto)

Sol Invicto

Two weeks ago I covered news of Sol Invicto‘s first EP being released. Little did I know, that the article would attract attention of none other than one of the members of the band, Richie Londres.

Only thing I could do at that moment (besides counting my blessings it wasn’t Stephen who saw it) was to ask for an interview. Richie was once again very cool about it, and as a result, you get quite a read if I may say so. We talked about a lot of things, from Sol Invicto, metalheads’ point of view on electronic music, trends in music and music industry, to me not being able to visit the West Coast any more without looking over my shoulder.

All in all, you’re up for a treat, so make the jump.


Interview: Toke Eld (The Cleansing)

Last month, I reviewed The Cleansing’s new album Feeding The Inevitable. I have given the album a 5-skull rating. That’s reason enough for me to interview Toke Eld, vocalist of The Cleansing.

For those of you who haven’t read the review yet and don’t know anything about this band, shame on you. The Cleansing are a Death Metal act from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band formed in 2007, released their debut album, Poisened Legacy, in 2009 and their second album, Feeding The Inevitable, is out now.

Want to know more about the band? Make the jump for my interview with Toke Eld.


Interview: Allen West

Allen West was one of the most important people in the early Death Metal scene. As a founding member of Massacre, Obituary, and Six Feet Under, West cemented his place in the history of Death Metal.

In the past couple of years West seemingly dropped out of the public eye when he was imprisoned for 18 months, but he has gotten his life back on track and is back with his new band SouthWicked.

Make the jump to read my interview with Allen West, where we talked about the imprisonment, his departures from Obituary and Six Feet Under, and more.

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