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Interview: Mark Briody (Jag Panzer)

Jag Panzer are a heavy metal band from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Jag Panzer have been constantly releasing great albums since 1984 and just recently released their latest, ‘The Scourge of the Light.

Mark Briody, the guitar player, recently agreed  to do  an interview with me, so check it out after the jump.


Interview: Joakim Broden (Sabaton)

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Sabaton is “Through the gates of hell as we make our way to heaven. Through the Nazi lines. Primo victoria!” but that’s not all that members of Sabaton have to say, as we can prove with the following interview with their singer Joakim Brodén.

Make the jump to read about beer, killing Germans and questions by an uninformed Dose of Metal writer.


Interview: Dan Nelson

I’ve been a fan of Anthrax for a long time now and I supported them even after dumping bandmember after bandmember, but, like many others, I just got sick of the band handling their business that poorly after a while.

I’ve seen them live in 2009 when Dan Nelson was still in the band and he blew me away. Great stage presence, great vocals, the guy was a beast on that very day, so I looked forward to the upcoming album ‘Worship Music,’ but everyone knows what happened next.

Dan Nelson is not with Anthrax anymore but he’s still working hard and soon we’ll all be able to hear him do what he does best: sing like a motherfucker. But first, he gave an interview to your favorite website, Dose of Metal. Read it after the jump.


Interview: Prophet (St. Madness)

What you see above are four guys from Arizona who don’t take themselves too seriously and sure as hell know how to rock. When you look at the picture and think “Juggalo!” then you’re damn wrong, if you think “Black Metal!” then you’re damn wrong aswell. These guys, St. Madness, play Metal the way it should be played: loud, heavy, rocking and they’re having lots of fun doing it.

Prophet, singer and lyricist of St. Madness, turned to us via our ‘Your Band’ campaign, in hopes for us to review their latest album ‘Saintanic’. The review of said album will be available next Monday, as part of the Spotlight category. But I also interviewed Prophet and you can read the interview after the jump.


Interview: Thomas Gurrath (Debauchery)

What is this, a repost? No, after interviewing Thomas in October of last year, I interviewed him again, just before the new Debauchery album ‘Germany’s Next Death Metal’ gets released.

Make the jump for the interview and never forget “Blood for the Blood God!”.

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