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Weak Recap: Overdose impossible

It’s not possible to overdose on metal. That is a fact but it’s a class a drug which turns you into a junkie quite fast. You started with weak drugs like alcohol, cannabis or Slipknot but after a while you can only get high on cocaine, Cannibal Corpse, the heavy shit.

And we here at Dose of Metal are your dealers. We don’t even charge you for your daily dose of metal. We love this drug so much that we’re giving it away for fucking free. It’s impossible to overdose, so you might as well get high all day, everyday.

We have been dealing out metal for a full year now and we won’t stop until the whole world is addicted because, let’s face it, there is nothing better. For a little taste of our product, make the jump where I talk my fellow dealers about the past week and our greatest deals.


Interview: Maddox

Many of you may be wondering why a metal site would choose to interview someone like Maddox, since he’s not a musician. The photo above answers all your questions. Maddox (on the left) is punching a The Black Dahlia Murder fan. If that doesn’t give him enough credibility, I don’t know what will.

Maddox is the man behind The Best Page in The Universe (second best, in our opinion, but we’re probably biased), a site I’ve been reading for over a decade. He’s been a huge influence on my writing and my sense of humor, and apparently I got him into Swashbuckle.

This may not be your typical DoM interview, but it brought a few metalhead pirates together — my life is complete.

Make the jump and find out what metal Maddox listens to, whether or not he’ll ever consider including us in his future books, and what suggestions he has for our site’s design.

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