Deftones guitarist also has a side project!

Stephen Carpenter

We’ve covered Sol Invicto before, when they released a remix of Deftones‘ Diamond Eyes (it was for charity, so we’ll forgive them). Hot on the heels of Chino Moreno’s recently released Crosses (if you expect me to copy paste those ASCII crosses, you can suck my pretty penis), another EP by another Deftones member sees the light on this day.

In case you’re slow, Sol Invicto is a side project by another member of the Deftones, and it’s none other than Stephen Carpenter, the dude with the most horror name ever. You know, the fat one. The really fat one. You can download the EP for free right here, and it’s supposed to be some experimental drum and bass shit.

The band also announced they’ll release a few more EPs in the following months, so be ready for a few more posts which aren’t really related to this website and you could have most likely lived without.

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