Review: The Cleansing – Feeding The Inevitable

The Cleansing recently released their second album Feeding The Inevitable. Reason enough for me to check it out and write down my thoughts.

The Cleansing are from Copenhagen, Denmark and released their debut album, Poisoned Legacy, in 2009. Two years later they’re back with another Death Metal attack (hey, that rhymed).

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The Cleansing – Feeding The Inevitable

1. The Promethean Promise
2. Third Eye Staring
3. Your Flesh, Your Curse
4. A Cheating Progression
5. Hour Of Decadence
6. Processed For Contanimation
7. Law Of Reciprocity
8. Two Days
9. Crossroads

First off, I’ve got to admit that I’m not a big fan of the artwork of Feeding The Inevitable. Don’t get me wrong though. I like skulls just as much as the next metalhead but you can’t really make out what the artwork’s about. I like the sketchy style of the artist though. But let’s get to the most interesting piece of this album, the music.

As soon as you hear the first song of the album, ‘The Promethean Promise,’ you just know what you’re getting into with The Cleansing. This is violent Death Metal that kicks you in the face at full speed. It punches you in the guts and never lets loose. Even when the band slows down, as they do during the almost melancholic middle-part of ‘Third Eye Staring,’ it never loses any of its brutality. The band also incorporates groove just correctly. They don’t overuse it like a lot of Groove Metal (hence the genre) bands do, they only incorporate it where it fits. Smart move.

The drumming isn’t really as prominent in the mix as it usually is in today’s modern Death Metal but it works fine with the music, with lots of blastbeats and some interesting cymbal work. The guitar solos aren’t used to highlight the guitar-playing but rather try to support the overall sound of the songs. The songs benefit greatly from this and the songs feel more complete, for lack of a better word, and don’t go “BOOM! Guitar-wankery” like many new bands do it.

Overall, this album has a lot to offer and is a great display of superb songwriting. Whether the band goes full speed (i.e. ‘Two Days’) or slows it down (i.e. ‘Processed For Contamination’), the songs are always executed perfectly, especially for people who have an eye for details. The songs are very different from each other but the band never loses their identity. I honestly have absolutely nothing bad to say about Feeding The Inevitable. The Cleansing recorded a modern Death Metal classic with this album. At least in my eyes they did.

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