Funny Mötley Crüe bassist is funny

Whenever Nikki Sixx talks about ‘being heavy,’ I always assume he’s talking about his weight gain, followed by some bullshit excuse of how he got fat for a role. I guess I’m wrong this time, cause he’s actually talking about heavy music… Mötley Crüe and heavy music, now that’s something I’d pay good money not to see.

My idea for a record is… We can’t depend upon radio or anything else to sell records, so I think we should depend upon what really juices us, and for me right now, I would love to make an extremely heavy, non-commercial record — more like a Shout At The Devil type of a record.

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Oh yeah, cause Shout At The Devil was an amazingly heavy album. God forbid should you return to such death metal roots.

So yeah, Nikki, we appreciate your passion for heavy music (or rather, trying to make heavy music), but the only thing heavy related to you was when your weight crushed that fan whose head you jumped on.

Source: Blabbermouth

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