New band alert: King Carnage

Patrick Brown (on the right) of Trillion Red has a new project. It’s called King Carnage and Patrick teamed up with Sasha Horn of Novembers Doom.

The project is described as ‘Aggressive New Heavy Crust Death’ which sounds a bit like a metal pizza topping, if you ask me.

Apparently material is being written as we speak, and the record itself will probably come out next year. I guess if you’re a fan of Trillion Red or Novembers Doom, this will excite you. If you’re like me, and none of these names ring any bells, then I guess I’ve just wasted a few minutes of your life — which is awesome!

In some unrelated news, I just deep fried some baloney the other day… I mean, it’s not bad, but it does have a weird taste. Maybe I should stick to just regular chicken or something.

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