New batch of BS rumors

What you see above is a video interview of Jack and Kelly Osbourne, conducted by Artisan News, which they claim fuels more rumors of the Black Sabbath reunion and new material happening, despite Tony Iommi’s last week’s  comments.

To be honest, all I got from Kelly is that Ozzy “is doing something that is very, very exciting,” therefore he couldn’t make the premiere of the documentary film “God Bless Ozzy Osbourne,” which to me can be anything from “actually woke up this morning” to “managed to get up and go to the toilet before taking a crap.”

Either way, somehow this made me a bit more excited about the prospect of the reunion happening, so let’s cross our fingers and wish them at least another decade of a good and healthy life, because that’s how long I presume this whole thing will need to take off.

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