Weekly Dose of Metal: Shining

The weekly dose is dying a fairly long and painful death, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let it end with some kind of dignity. No, I’m going to drag it on until the day I become so bored with it, I find myself sticking needles in my eyes.

Speaking of self harm, this week’s dosage is from a band we’ve posted about before. It’s none other than self-mutilating, suicide endorsing, black metal genius’s, Shining.

When fellow DoM writer Guido suggested this band to me, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. Not that Guido has bad taste, on the contrary his taste is amazing. The problem, however, was that I’ve never been a huge black metal fan and that, in addition, I have kind of lost faith in modern metal, at least to a certain extent.

Shining are more than just your typical black metal band though. Much more. Here you have a band that are absolute masters of their craft, have more dynamics than Opeth, and are kings of songwriting. The majority of the band’s songs deal with depression (at least I think they do. I can’t understand Swedish).

Listen to ‘Längtar bort från mitt hjärta’ taken from 2007’s V: Halmstad and you’ll understand exactly what I mean. The piano sections accompanied by a woman crying in pain, having lost all hope, is one of the most power things I’ve heard recently in music.

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