Staind solo-lololo


Staind, the band Fred Durst listens to when he’s feeling emo, can’t write for shit. They have about 5 albums to prove my claim, and what’s even better, now they’re officially admitting it: They can’t write solos, and they’re letting other people do it for them. Haha.

Well, truth is, they’re having some competition where they’ll let fans write alternative solos for their song (with an ironically amazing title) Not Again. The winner of the competition will get Aaron Lewis’ NASCAR ornaments and a shotgun, while in return, Staind will receive another 5 albums worth of solos. That’s why we urge you, even if you’re just a shitty guitar player (therefore already above this band in terms of quality) and want to do it ‘for the lulz,’ simply don’t. In case you really want to give it a shot, you can find details here.

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