A metalhead’s first album

What is a metalhead? What makes a metalhead, a metalhead? What is metal? These are all questions we, from time to time, have to ask, and the answers are never quite clear. These are things that Alex has slightly touched upon in his latest DoM entrée, but one thing I’ve been thinking about lately, is why do metalhead’s always name insanely cool albums as their “first album”?

Now don’t get me wrong, I cannot pretend this rant is deep, philosophical, or even interesting for that matter, but it is something that has been bugging me for a while now.

Have you ever seen on internet forums topics about what users first album they bought was? Or maybe you’ve had this conversation with friends in real life? A lot of people name classic, even legendary albums. Led Zeppelin IV, Black Sabbath, Master of Puppets, Peace Sells…, and you get the idea. I have even seen this discussion in magazines with members of popular bands, in which their answers are nearly always the same.

Do these people have selective memory, perhaps? Are they telling the truth? Maybe they loved metal since the moment they were born and never got into any of that power rangers, teletubby or dance crap that kids naturally find appealing at an early age. To me, it just seems like people claiming their first fuck was with a Pamela Anderson look-alike, when deep down we all know it was that drunk chick that looked like she had consumed 12 too many cheese burgers.

So this brings the topic to myself. “What was my first album?” you are probably not wondering. Well, it was something so insanely brutal, extreme and heavy that it brought great concern to my parents in regards to my mental health. I’m talking about an album that inspired violence and redefined what exactly metal is. If you want to know what the first album I ever bought was, then just make the jump.

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