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Interview: Silent Fall

A couple weeks back, I reviewed Silent Fall’s debut album, Otherwise.  I praised the album, insisting that this is how power metal should sound like in 2011.

Since then, I recently had an interview with their lead vocalist, Adrien Eyraud.  We discussed everything – the retirement of  Oprah Winfrey, the rising price of gasoline, politics and French prostitution.  Actually, we didn’t discuss any of that (although I wouldn’t of mind the chat about French whores).

Either way, I thought the interview went well and you can view it after the jump.


Reviews: Silent Fall / Emerald Sun

Pitch Black Records is a metal label that originate from Cyprus. They were really kind enough to mail me albums to review for the site. Pitch Black Records are a fairy new label (formed in 2007), so currently they have signed traditional/epic/power metal bands.  However, they are also very open minded to other genres, including death metal, rock, doom, hardcore, electronic, etc.

Anyway, if you’re interested to see what I say about the latest albums from Silent Fall and Emerald Sun, then make the jump!

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