DJ Ashba was judged

One Guns N’ Roses guitarist (they have like 5 or something) talks about being judged while growing up and being an outsider… Hmm, I wonder why that was…

I was judged my whole life, looking like I do, before I became what I became. […] People always looking at me like I never fit in.

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Looking like what? Pierced lip, eyeliner, tattoos? Well it’s not like you were born with those, I’m pretty sure you looked normal without them. You chose to look different than everyone else so why were you surprised you didn’t fit in?

Now I go home and it’s like the hometown hero. The fact is, I ignored everybody and followed my heart — that’s the key to any success.

I disagree that the key to success is to make yourself look like an outcast and ignore everyone. What’s wrong with having a lot of friends and still following your heart? Being socially apt and having a music career are not mutually exclusive.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fucked up if he had problems growing up because no kid deserves to have his self-esteem messed up just because of dumb bullies. But why would you choose to look like that if you don’t like being the outcast? I like rock music too but I don’t necessarily show it through my clothing.

This thought of “fuck everybody, do it your way” is only a good advice coming from success stories. How many other musicians who ‘kept it real’ ended up working at McDonald’s in their 50s?

But hey, can’t really judge the guy. I don’t know him and I don’t know what he’s been through… I do know what he’s saying about everyone wanting to be his friend now that he’s pretty well known. The world is so hypocritical, it’s not even funny.

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