Video of the Week: Job for a Cowboy

Some of you might be thinking now “Hey, what’s with this Deathcore crap? We don’t want that!” but you forgot one thing and that’s: Fuck you, I’m in charge.

Excluding their name, Job for a Cowboy are a pretty great band. I really enjoyed both of their albums, which by the way feature nothing but solid Death Metal. There, I said it. Job for a Cowboy aren’t Deathcore but Death Metal. Their first demo and EP might have been Deathcore, sure, but ‘Genesis’ and ‘Ruination’ sure as hell aren’t but enough of that already.

The video above for ‘Embedded,’ was the first thing I saw and heard of this band and that’s why it left a mark on me. I actually really like the video, especially the windmilling at 0:47. Windmilling rules. Shame I can’t do that because I’m bald but at least I look sexy as heeeeell.

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