Dose of Sunday Roast

Some of you regular readers may remember my Dose for Sunday article I posted a few weeks back, and today I’m doing something similar, but a little different. Imagine, if you will, it’s Sunday (doesn’t take much imagination, it IS Sunday), and your dear old Grandma is coming ’round for Sunday Roast. The only problem is, she’s a deeply religious woman that thinks all Metal music is the work of the devil and she wants to listen to some crappy Christian hymns that no one below the age of 50 can tolerate. It’s time for a compromise. Slap on some Christian Metal and she will love it*

Now don’t worry, I don’t have any agenda and I’m not trying to sell you any religious views. You also won’t find any P.O.D. crap in this article. This is just all about me recommending you some decent new music to check out, all whilst slapping on some lame gimmick to make it sound more interesting than it really is. So get your Sunday dosage after the jump.

*Disclaimer – may not actually be true. But don’t worry, if it’s not, just tell her it’s your f’ing house.

#1 Living Sacrifice – Rules of Engagement

I started with Living Sacrifice last time, and I’m doing it again. Why? Because they’re basically the ultimate Christian Metal band. Taken from their latest album, Rules of Engagement is a beautiful ballad about the engagement of the virgin Mary and St Joseph. No, I’m lying, it’s some awesome straight heavy fucking Metal and will rock your socks off.

#2 As I Lay Dying – Parallels

Also released from their latest album, presuming you enjoy a bit of Metalcore, Parallels is a fantastic song from As I Lay Dying. Why did I choose this song? Because it was the first link to prop up on Youtube and I’m lazy. The catchy chorus should have your Grandma singing along all day long though. Actually, that’s probably not true, it’s more likely to send her out the room. Yay, more food for you!

#3 Soul Embraced – To End it All

Containing some of the same members of Living Sacrifice (Well, one member), Soul Embraced are a Christian Death Metal band (well, more Melodic Death). I know, a bit of a paradox, they should be worshipping Satan instead or some shit. The opening track, To End it All, from 2008’s Dead Alive is some damn good shit though. I suggest knocking the volume up a notch (or hundred) on this one. Interesting fact too BTW, Evanescence‘s My Tourniquet was actually a cover version. Soul Embraced did the original, which was actually a Death Metal song of sorts.

#4 Immortal Souls – The Cleansing

Immortal Souls are a Melodic Death Metal band from Finland. Apparently they’re also classed as “Winter Metal” because they deal with ‘Wintery’ themes in their music. That should make them perfect to blast at Christmas time when your Grandma is over. Away in a Manger? Fuck that, blast some Immortal Souls! Yeah, apart from we’ve just had Christmas… Woops. But the principle remains the same.

#5 Sinai Beach – To the Church

Sinai Beach were a Christian Metal band from California. To tell the truth, I can’t remember much about them, I never liked them that much, but how can I not include a song called To the Church in my list? If my Grandma ever tries to make me go to church, I’m just going to blast this song en route. She’d love it!

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