Bonded By Blood get new blood

Bonded By Blood are a promising thrash metal band from Pomona, California.  Front man Jose Barrales decided to leave the band at the end of 2010 and since then, they quickly replaced him with Mauro Gonzalez to finish the tour.  Apparently they’ve been killing it live the last couple months, so they decided it was fair that Mauro Gonzalez would be the permanent vocalist for the band.

Jerry Garcia, bassist for Bonded By Blood states:

We would like to formally announce that Mauro Gonzalez is now officially the new frontman for Bonded By Blood. He has shown great promise and dedication in the past few months and we have received great reviews from many old fans, new fans, and well-established musicians throughout our recent North American trek. We are very excited about our decision and we hope that you guys welcome him into the BBB family like we have! See you guys on the killing road real soon.

When asked for comment, Jose Barrales started singing the words to “Metal Command” from Exodus and then predicted he will replace Rob Dukes by the end of the year.

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