Dose for Sunday

So, today is Sunday, ‘the day of rest,’ God day if you will, but to me, and many others, Sundays just plain suck. It’s the day you do nothing, just waiting for Monday to come when you have to go back to work, to work a job you hate in order to buy the crap you don’t need.

Have you been to church? No? Well good, fuck that, and welcome to Metal church. Here’s just 5 songs to get you in a better mood, ready for work tomorrow. Check out my 5 songs after the jump.

#1 Living Sacrifice – Death Machine

Well it’s Sunday as I said, “God day,” so what better way to start my feature, but with a Christian band. Don’t worry, this isn’t a “praise Jesus” hymn, nor are the band going to get all preachy on your ass. Instead, Living Sacrifice are one of the best Thrash bands of the 90’s and 00’s, influencing a huge amount of bands to prop up in the 21st century. Living Sacrifice are also one of the first bands to blend Thrash and Hardcore elements, and have proven to be hugely influential in Christian Metal circles, as well the Metal industry as a whole.

Forget the God shit and any prejudices you may have, and just listen to Death Machine. I’m sure it’ll rock your Sunday.

#2 Judas Priest – Painkiller

If this next one doesn’t get you ready, I don’t know what will. Every Monday morning, right as I’m getting ready for work, I blast some Judas Priest and Painkiller is an obvious choice of song to play at full volume.

If you don’t like Judas Priest, then you don’t like Metal. It’s that simple. So go grab yourself a beer, forget about work tomorrow, and blast Painkiller for you and all your neighbours to hear.

#3 Pantera – Fucking Hostile

You didn’t think I was going to forget Pantera did you? Your Sunday wouldn’t be complete without listening to perhaps the greatest Metal band of all time, now would it?

The thought of a long week at work often gets me fucking hostile. Especially at the thought of doing extra extra hours (yes, this week I’ll possibly be working extra hours on top of my already extra hours). So what song puts me in a better mood? Why Pantera‘s classic Fucking Hostile of course.

#4 Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell

Although it’s often the Ozzy-fronted era of Black Sabbath that gets the most attention, Heaven and Hell with Dio on vocals is perhaps one of my favorite Black Sabbath albums. It’s true the album was very different from the previous albums with Ozzy, and maybe they should have changed their name, but there’s no denying the brilliance of the music on display.

The title track is one of the greatest Metal tracks ever written and a fantastic display of Dio‘s phenomenal vocal abilities. This song may be a bout Heaven and Hell, but forget Sunday School and Heaven. Listen to Metal and make your way to Hell.

#5 Bloodbath – At the Behest of Their Death

There’s nothing like a bit of Death Metal on a Sunday, and there’s certainly no denying Bloodbath‘s talent. From the latest album, 2008’s The Fathomless Mastery, I present to you At The Behest Of Their Death.

Let these blastbeats blast those Sunday (and Monday) blues right out of you.

And that’s my 5 Metal tracks to brighten up your Sunday. I hope they do they job \m/

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