Best of… shit you've (probably) never heard of before Vol. 4

Time for another edition of BO… SY(P)NHOB. Catchy title, eh?

You should know the deal by now but in case you don’t, I’m telling you again. Because I can. And because you’re reading anyhow. See?

So, I’m abusing my Internet super powers to tell the world about unknown bands, that I think are worth checking out. This is just the first step of my masterplan, which is to make the world more metal. A world made of metal. A sea made of steel. A sky made of iron. I have a dream.

Make the jump to make the world just a little bit better.

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Gates of Ishtar

Melodic Death Metal from Sweden. If this doesn’t make you listen to the song, I don’t know what will.

Gates of Ishtar formed in 1992 and split-up after their third album (within three years), ‘At Dusk and Forever,’ in 1998. They played solid Melo-Death that makes you wish you were a viking. I always wish I was a viking but listening to Swedish Melodic Death Metal makes me wish so even more. Vikings are great, and so are Gates of Ishtar.


If you’re a Black Metaller, you probably know Nargaroth’s ‘Black Metal ist Krieg’. Heh, I’m not big into Black Metal and even I know the song. Did you know that the only good riff from the song was actually stolen from a song by Strid, called ‘End of Life’? No? Well, shame on you! Listen to ‘Black Metal ist Krieg’ from 2:58 min. onwards and then listen to ‘End of Life’ starting at 4:39 min., sounds similar, eh?

That’s how I got to know Strid. I’ve never liked ‘BM ist Krieg’ but I thought the riff was banging and in it’s original form, it’s way better and probably my favorite Black Metal song.

Strid formed in 1993, released a Demo and an EP. In 2001 vocalist/bassist Storm (aka Rot) committed suicide.


Dispatched are probably most famously known for their cover of ‘The Final Countdown,’ which lots of people often wrongly attribute to Children of Bodom.

Dispatched play pretty damn good Melodic Death Metal, especially on their second album ‘Motherwar’. They released their latest album, ‘Terrorizer,’ in 2004 and I’m not sure what they’re up to nowadays. Honestly, I don’t know.

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